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Mr. Churchill's Secretary : A Maggie Hope Novel
Product Series: Maggie Hope
Publication Date : 4/3/2012
Publisher : Random House Digital
Language : eng
ISBN : 9780553907568
Synopsis : After German Luftwaffe bomb London, Maggie Hope--trained in math and code breaking, but only able to find a job as Winston Churchill's secretary--uses the unfettered access her position demands to try to unravel a plot to assassinate Churchill himself. A first novel. Original. 12,500 first printing.
File Size : 2.22 MB
Text to Speech Enabled
Audience : General Adult

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Maggie Hope is a twentysomething math whiz, in England to sell her late parents' house when WWII breaks out. Although...


Trying to sell your grandmother's decaying Victorian house back in London can have unexpected consequences. Maggie Hope...

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